Water Street Tampa District

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This is a community designed for its residents, visitors and workforce – walkable and encouraging lingering, comfortable and active, legible and surprising, familiar and new. Shaded boulevards host an array of sidewalk cafes, public events, retail opportunities, and space for informal gatherings. Open spaces integrate hidden support infrastructure with appropriate planting, ample furnishing, and refined paving materials.

A significant focus of the development of the new downtown Tampa waterfront district is the prioritization of connecting the Central Business District to its historic waterfront with a healthy, vibrant, contextualized public realm. The client, Strategic Property Partners (SPP), has emphasized the importance of thoughtful open space planning; including sidewalks, outdoor retail zones, parks and plazas.

The design of the public realm is based on a thorough study of the history of Tampa, its cultural and ecological systems, its existing codes and standards, and its patterns of occupation. The project is exemplary in its design, seeking WELL certification as an urban district and LEED ND certification. Finally, it is a realization of the ambitious vision of the district’s innovative development team.

The landscape master plan documents the open space vision, articulates the goals and principles for development, as well as defining general guidelines and standards for coherence that will make this area distinct, recognizable and memorable.