2018 Aug 30

Alamo Master Plan Reaches Milestone Vote for Approval

On Tuesday, Reed Hilderbrand, with PGAV Destinations and Cultural Innovations, made a final presentation of the Alamo Plaza Interpretive Master Plan to the public in San Antonio, Texas. This event marked the culmination of a months-long community engagement effort, coordinated with the Alamo Citizen Advisory Committee. The Committee then voted to recommend the proposed plan to San Antonio City Council will vote in late September on the fate of the Alamo Plaza project. If approved, the project will enter design later this year. A search for design architect and executive architect teams for the Alamo Museum is underway now.

To celebrate the Alamo site and elevate the quality of downtown San Antonio’s public realm, Reed Hiderbrand’s work envisions the Plaza’s landscape embracing a continuum of history, telling the story of the diverse peoples who came together over generations to build the city. Key elements of the plan, including closing the city street running through the heart of the site and expanding the borders to correspond to the original Mission San Antonio de Valero footprint, aim to create a twenty-first century urban public space that is also a site of reflection and learning about diverse cultural history.