2019 Nov 21

Construction Set to Start on Phase 1 of Alamo Redesign

Following the completion of the Alamo Plaza Interpretive Master Plan, the Alamo Trust announced on Monday, November 18, that the first phase is set to move into construction.

This phase will establish an area dedicated to free speech and civic activity meant to address the way residents and visitors have used Alamo Plaza. With a grove of live oak trees providing shade and designating this room for civic life, the design aims to strike a balance between the everyday and the historic. Phase 1 will also include relocating the Cenotaph monument approximately 500 feet south of its current site, near Menger Hotel.

At Monday’s meeting, Reed Hilderbrand senior associate Claire Fellman explained, “We’re really looking at the materials and the architecture of those existing buildings and synthesizing the design with that fabric. We’re not looking to create something that’s really loud and contemporary as far as our design language goes.”