2020 Feb 07

Gary Hilderbrand at Atmosphere 2020 Symposium

Gary Hilderbrand delivered a keynote presentation at the University of Manitoba’s Atmosphere 2020 symposium. The event welcomed a community of practitioners and educators who discussed pedagogical experiments and examples of design schools today. Questions posed to the speakers included: How are contemporary pedagogies modeled and structured? Why do we choose certain methodologies? How are contemporary design educations aligned with the shifting topography of culture and environment? What are the emerging opportunities of design education within today’s social, cultural, and ecological contexts?

In his keynote presentation, Speculative and Real, Gary Hilderbrand selected a sample of professional projects and academic studios through which he discussed the primary issues that drive Reed Hilderbrand and his teaching. The three-day event also included peer-reviewed presentations, exhibitions, student installations, receptions, and other interdisciplinary exchange.

Fore more information visit the symposium site here.