2021 Jun 16

The Breakers’ Robert and Kate Bartlett Arboretum Walk Completed

Last week, The Breakers celebrated the completion of the Robert and Kate Bartlett Arboretum Walk, the southern portion of the Serpentine Path that historically wound around the 13-acre property in Newport, RI.

“The experience of the perimeter walk was integral to the original design of The Breakers landscape by landscape engineer Ernest Bowditch. It even predates the mansion you see there today. But despite the effort to preserve the historic tree canopy and footpath, the experience of the garden walk has been lost for nearly 80 years,” said Senior Associate Leslie Carter.

“This important piece of The Breakers’ multi phased landscape rehabilitation effort is a significant achievement,” said Principal John Grove. “Not only does it complete the perimeter walk as a continuous garden circuit, but it uncovers this unique long-lost dimension of the Breakers historic landscape.”